Opens Late 2024
Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Fivecurrents - Hope Road

Bob Marley Hope Road invites audiences to enter a world where the heartbeat of one man unites all in celebration. Guests will step into an authentic Jamaican experience as Bob Marley's life and music unfolds around them in a lyrical tapestry of color and sound.

Bob Marley Hope Road will be open seven days a week, during the daytime and evenings, with two distinct experiences:

Hope Road by Day

Hope Road by Day will be an illuminating, shared, multi-sensory experience. As audiences wander at their own pace, they will witness Bob’s electric stage presence like never before, interact with vibrant digital and analog installations, and explore mesmerizing musical and visual experiences that bring Bob's messages of truth, freedom and “one love” to life.

Hope Road by Night

Hope Road by Night is an exciting, intimate show that will envelop guests with live spectacle. As they jam through Bob Marley’s music and influence, an engaging cast, representing the kaleidoscope that is humanity, will captivate audiences with powerful performances. Hope Road by Night will feature striking visuals, sets, and special effects that put showgoers centerstage as they sing, dance, and celebrate Bob Marley's music and its impact on the world.

Executive Producers: Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Larry Mestel and Scott Givens

A FiveCurrents creation, co-produced by FiveCurrents and Primary Wave Music